Shandong Dihui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd (Original name is Shandong YunCheng City Steel Ball Factory) is founded in 1989, which covers an area of 68 acres. It’s a large-scale rolling element manufacturer, with high degree of automation and good product quality.
Shandong Dihui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is located in Yuncheng City, which is adjacent to NO. 220 national road in the south. Beijing to Hongkong high speed railway and South Shandong high speed railway are crossed here. The geographic position is very good and traffic is much convenient.
 The company has advanced production equipment (including 98pcs cold forging machines, 46pcs vertical 4980 ball mills, 42pcs 4980 ball grinding machines, 56pcs 4780 lapping machines, 4pcs heat treatment equipment, 68pcs punching machines...) and perfect testing equipment. It mainly produces stainless steel balls, high/medium/low carbon steel balls, bearing steel balls, ceramic balls, glass balls, roller, needles and etc., with an annual output of more than 55 billion balls of various specifications.
     Basing on GB308-89 and ANSI/AFBMA standards, our company can provide balls, rollers, needles, etc. of various specifications and materials, precision G5-G1000 and specifications of 0.5mm-120.0mm. Our products have been widely used in the aerospace industry, automotive industry, precision instruments, meters, toys, motorcycles, bicycles, bearings, luggage, universal wheels, slide rails, medical equipment and food machinery, and puncture decorations and etc. The products are exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries, and the quality is well-known at home and abroad.
Adhering to the principle “existing basing on quality, developing basing on credit”, we have built good business relationship with many domestic and overseas clients. 
Shandong Dihui Machinery Technology Co., Ltd sincerely welcome you to come and cooperate with us.

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